Be Careful with Marketing “Gurus” Techniques

Do Some Thinking on the Latest Marketing Trends

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Lately, we’ve all seen news and article saying Facebook is not good for marketers anymore. Fan page posts don’t appear on many fans’ walls, unless you pay to boost your post. I’d say Facebook is trying to make the site family-friendly again, instead of filled with ads and sponsored posts, because the small marketers can’t afford to pay all the time.

This morning, I saw an email from a marketing site with a new product for getting leads that allows you to ignore Facebook, and why not, ignore Google too.

Combine this with the latest trend that apparently, Instagram is the best social media site for engagement, and you know where I’m going with this.

The sales page says you will make money for years with this. Well, think about it for a second. If marketers jump on the Instagram bandwagon by the truckload (most of them are probably already doing that), it won’t take long before Instagram changes rules and algorithms. After all, they belong to Facebook, so why wouldn’t they follow a similar pattern ? Oh, I bet they will wait a bit, while they can attract as many marketers as possible, then start charging more and more for ads, then for posts.

I’m not an Instagram expert, in fact, I joined it only recently, and so far I don’t see how it could be useful to me, since I like to share information, not just pictures. I know, the visual aspect is more and more important, Twitter is the proof, as posts with pictures get more attention and engagement.

My point is, if you intend to start using Instagram to promote your business aggresively, at least don’t put your eggs in the same basket, because it could become a nasty surprise if (when?) Instagram starts pulling the rug under your feet.