Practicing One Kick Over and Over

Even a Martial Arts Master Can Be Afraid


“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Bruce Lee

I saw this quote for the first time a few days ago. Like probably most of you, being active on social media, I see quotes by the truckload every day. Many of those quotes are positive thinking clichés that we see over and over.

As I’m fighting the urge to jump on every distractions, I need ways to focus on what needs to be done. The quote above hit me hard. I kept thinking about it. I realized it is the essence of consistency, and so it deserved its own blog post.

I liked the quote a lot, but didn’t really stop to think about it. Until today. I started to visualize why a man such as Bruce Lee would be afraid of one kick. The answer is simple, any Olympic athlete would tell you in a second. The more you do something, the more it becomes second nature. Practicing the same movement over and over for years helps to gain the speed necessary for it to become as fast and efficient as possible, given your abilities and natural talents. That one kick could make a difference in a fight against a man such as Bruce Lee. Given you don’t give him any chance to draw first blood.

What does this have to do with consistency marketing?

An Easy Way to Stay Tuned to Business and Self-Improvement Tips

Are You into Podcasts?

android-auto-pocket-castsAs I got a lot more active on Twitter recently, I noticed that some Tweepers use the hastag #Podcast. It got my attention. I love to listen to self-improvement and business audiobooks, and a few years ago, I bought a bunch of those mostly from Brian Tracy, the well-known speaker and author.

I had heard of podcasts, but never really got into that. So, I chose to create a list on Twitter specifically for accounts that use that hashtag. By the way, if you’re interested, you can subscribe to that list by clicking here.

As always, when I jump into something, I start to notice bits of information about it. Since I recently bought a Samsung tablet, I figured the best way to listen to podcasts would be with an app.