Cover Picture Dimensions for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

A Bit Challenging, but Worth It!

Fan page header

The above picture is a screenshot showing a former header picture I used for a short time on my Facebook Fan page. It helped me create the current one with the right dimensions and positions. As you can at top right, it comes from Thanks Chad!

After I created the cover for Facebook, I took the same image and used it on Twitter. I had to adjust the size. It’s simple, Twitter tells you what size is best.

Then the challenge came.

I tried to upload the picture to my YouTube channel. It was a disaster. YouTube asks for a big picture, then it shows only a little part of it, because the dimensions are for seeing it on TV. So, after some tweaking and research for best size, I was able to get a satisfying result.

YT safe area show dimensionsAs you can see, the Safe Area, i.e. the part where you want everything important to appear on your channel, as shown above, is 1546 width by 423 height. You can see the actual result on my YouTube channel phmoisan.

Is there a lot of people watching YouTube on TV? I have no idea. Do I care that my channel is seen directly on YouTube? Yes. So I chose to leave blank everything but the Safe Area.

One detail: make sure the bottom left of your cover picture is not hidden behind your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter.

I still need to put finishing touches on my cover picture. I uploaded this one everywhere I needed to, including this blog, to start branding myself that way.

The little images I used to create my cover picture all come from Pixabay. They have thousands of images free to use, including social media icons, as you can see. I am not ready yet to pay for pictures, since in today’s digital marketing world, we need a LOT of pictures, not just in obvious places like Instagram, but also on Twitter, as recommended by everyone who is seriously active there.

I don’t want to steal pictures. I figure that many photographers and graphic designers work hard to provide us with the fruit of their work, and as this blog gets more and more popular, I will be able to afford those.

In the meantime, I suggest you give donations to places like Pixabay. A few dollars won’t hurt your wallet, and it encourages these people to share even more with us.