Introducing Tarz the Ultimate Scammer

He Knows How to Empty Your Wallet


I’ve wanted to introduce Tarz to the world for a long time. You see, he prefers to stay low profile. For obvious reasons, like not wanting to be on any authorities’ black list.

I call Tarz the Ultimate Scammer because he knows every trick of the trade. He has no conscience, he doesn’t care if you lose your house, he’s a master liar, name a quality essential to steal money from other people online, he knows it all.

His specialty is looking for people who join money making programs. The programs who are suspicious, that is. You won’t find him in any legitimate site, because that’s not where the fast money is.

He’s very smart. He knows how to convince you a program is legit. He will use every argument in the perfect scammer’s toolbox. If you are in a hurry, you don’t have to think, his hooks ( wherever they are, I can’t see them in the picture above ) will go deep in you. He won’t let go, unless you start questioning his judgment.

Because that’s one his main qualities. He knows it’s better to stay away from programs that are questioned by too many members. He will run like hell, only to join another program the next minute. Literally. He keeps himself informed of every new program that comes out. He manages his time carefully, so that if anything new sounds more exciting, he will leave without turning back.

He knows how to respond to any question you might have:

  • “It’s not a scam, it pays.”
  • “Yes, it’s definitely sustainable, I know the owner.”
  • “Big companies are ready to invest in this.”
  • “Don’t listen to the naysayers, they’re losers.”

and on, and on, and on…

Is he human? After all, the picture above is not his real face. Or is it? Who knows? Many people don’t put a real profile picture on sites, with excuses like “I don’t look good”, “I want to stand out”, “I find it funny”, etc…

Tarz does indeed stand out, he’s absolutely unique. Also, as I said, he’s very smart. His name used to have six letters, but he got rid of the last two letters in order to not get sued when he began his online activities. His creator didn’t copy anything out there when giving birth to Tarz.

This is the first article in a series. Hopefully, you will learn what NOT to do based on Tarz’s online activities.