Twitter Management Tools

There Are So Many. Which Ones Do You Use?

TwitterManagementToolsWhile checking my new followers on Twitter, I saw one who’s profile info wasn’t clear, so I checked his site.

Turns out it looks like a Twitter management tool. A bit confusing though, because the Twitter account is called vtricity, but they call their management site SoapBox Viral.

One tool I’ve known for a long time is ManageFlitter. I discovered it not long after I reached the 2,000 following limit on Twitter. ManageFlitter has many features. I use it mainly to discover who’s inactive among the people I follow. Warning when using such a tool: do not overdo it. Twitter doesn’t like that you unfollow too many people. What happens if you do, I don’t remember, I could search for it, but instead I choose not to remember the consequence and unfollow a reasonable number of people every day.

The other tool I use is CrowdFireApp, to see who unfollowed me recently. Again, there are many more features than that, but I haven’t taken the time to check everything. The reason I want to know who unfollows me is that sometimes I discover accounts who are indeed interesting to follow, and I start following them. I know, it’s weird. It also helps me to discover some patterns, like some people start following you, hoping you will follow them, then if you don’t, a day ot two later, then unfollow you.

I don’t follow people blindly. Nowadays, I always check the profile, or the tweets. If I’m not interested at all, I don’t follow. I know many people recommend to follow whoever follows you, but at this point I choose not to. We’ll see later.

Instead of mentioning every other Twitter management tool out there (I’m not it’s even possible), I invite you to check this article by SocialQuant. It’s a very good start.