Which WordPress Theme to Choose?

Free or Premium

Get Noticed! ThemeI’ve been real slow at this thing, I mean choosing a theme for my Consistency Marketing WordPress blog.

Over the past year, or even more, I bought some WordPress themes here and there, all promising incredible easy to use settings.

Today, I wanted to choose one of the TwentySomething themes (you know, TwentyEleven, Twelve, Thirteen, etc…). I had seen people post information about how to customize those. So, I tried a few, wasn’t satisfied.

I saw the theme called GeneralPress. It’s free, like gazillions of other themes out there. I didn’t take long to find it, it was among the “Popular” choices when I clicked “Add a theme”. It’s simple, seems to have many customizable features, so I wanted to play around with it.

The first thing that got my attention was the menu. The characters aren’t all in uppercase. That’s great! I’m not an expert at playing around with my theme, and it annoys me to have the menu all in uppercase. One problem solved!

One thing though, if you want the really cool features of GeneralPress, you need to upgrade.

Then, I talked about the theme to a friend. He said he uses the Graphene theme, which is also free. It’s even more interesting, because there’s no upgrade version, so most of the customization features I saw in the GeneralPress upgraded version were in Graphene for free, and even more.

Rinse and repeat. I started to tweak things here and there, then while being active on Twitter, I saw a marvelous looking blog, with very easy navigation. It’s Michael Hyatt’s blog. You can find it here.

After a few moments, I discovered that Michael’s theme is his own, created with the help of a developer. The theme is called Get Noticed! (yes, the ! is included in the name).

It’s not cheap. Not at all. I think most Premium themes can be found for under $100. Not so with GN. I looked for some time at the features, then I jumped. After all, if I’m not satisfied, there’s a money-back guarantee.

You see, I do have some technical knowledge, but it’s time consuming to keep trying to find out how to do things. I prefer to create content, like video screencast tutorials, and this eats up a lot of time.

So, I’ll let you know in future posts how I like GN. Meanwhile, if you want to take a look at it yourself, I invite you to check out Michael Hyatt’s blog and see for yourself.